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Few Tips that Helps to Redeem from Taking Extreme Diets!


Losing weight quickly is quite difficult. Mainly because adopting a healthy diet leads to a change in lifestyle. And this is not always achieved effectively and quickly. When it comes to following a diet, not following good guidelines or uncontrolled quantities or different types of food that should be consumed, can be dangerous. To this day, it may be common to start an unhealthy diet. Losing weight quickly is quite difficult. Mainly because adopting a healthy diet leads to a change in lifestyle. And this is not always achieved effectively and quickly. The so-called “miracle diets” usually offer quick results without much effort. However, these solutions are not usually healthy, presenting serious effects on the health of the person. In addition, they do not tend to provide good results to those who follow them. Here we show some diets that have been criticized by specialists as unfavorable to health. So we must take them as bad practices and, in general, follow advice directly opposed to what these diets offer.

It is worth mentioning the importance of always consulting with a specialist the objectives that you want to achieve. Depending on the person and what you are looking for, the methodologies are likely to change.

Atkins Diet

One of the most popular diets popularly is the Atkins diet. This type of practice offers a way to lose weight quickly by minimizing the intake of carbohydrates. The Atkins diet advises to base the daily Eating on ingredients with a low content in this type of nutrients. However, foods rich in carbohydrates make up the base of the food pyramid.  So they are products that we should consume more frequently. Following the Atkins diet, an unhealthy diet, usually leads to increased consumption of fats and proteins.  Since the goal is to put aside foods rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, generally, the consumption of red meats, eggs and dairy products also increases. These are, precisely, the foods that, according to the food pyramid, we should try to limit to a greater extent.

In this way, the Atkins diet can be harmful to health. Mainly, due to the consumption of large amounts of foods with cholesterol. On the other hand, too high protein intake can lead to problems in the kidneys. Similarly, by eliminating carbohydrates you may be suffering from a deficit of vitamins and mineral salts.

Dukan Diet

Another of the diets that promise miraculous results is the Dukan, very rich in proteins. This consists of four phases:

  • First phase: In it, only protein-rich foods are allowed for ten days.
  • Second stage: Protein-rich foods alternate with the intake of vegetables.
  • Third phase: Little by little, they are introducing foods with carbohydrates.
  • Fourth phase: He returns to eat normally.

In many cases, the Dukan diet has been described as an unhealthy and dangerous diet for health. Especially sensitive people are those with kidney or liver problems. This is because an excessive consumption of proteins can cause problems in these organs.

Fasting Diets

Among the tips for not taking diets to the extreme is not following the fasting diets, such as detox diet. This type of diet is based on limiting the food to the intake of water, soups or juices for days or weeks. This type of diet allows you to lose weight quickly, but they will be Weight that will be won again after a short time, due to a rebound effect. Following a fast diet will force the body to recover fat reserves when it returns to a normal diet, even weighing more than before.

“This type of diet does not serve to lose weight, since it does not allow adopting a healthy and balanced diet”.

Therefore, it is advisable not to follow these fasting diets. It is very important to take into account that there is a risk of even suffering from a nutrient deficit. The conclusion that can be drawn is that this type of diet can lead to a great risk of suffering health problems. In addition, in many cases, effects derived from the diets involve uncontrolled intakes of food a posterior.

The most advisable, as mentioned above, is to go to a nutritionist. Assessing the personal circumstances of each one, adopting a healthy diet and modifying harmful habits will be the best option.


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Few Tips that Helps to Redeem from Taking Extreme Diets!
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