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How is Lemon Beneficial in the Weight Losing Diet?

Although it is known for its contribution of vitamin C, lemon can be a great ally to lose weight, as it is satiating and promotes the elimination of waste. The lemon is a fruit with nutritional properties whose consumption brings benefits to the body. Among them, contributes to weight loss, provided that it is included in a balanced and healthy diet. For all this, we show you some of the benefits of lemon to lose weight.

Nutritional Values ​​of Lemon

In the lemon we can find many important nutrients. A serving of 100 grams will provide:

  • 66 kcal
  • 69 g of proteins
  • 16 g of carbohydrates
  • 7 g of fiber
  • 30 g of fat

On the other hand, it is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. As for vitamins, lemon provides us with vitamin A, group B (B1, B2, B6, and folic acid), C and D, among others. The carbohydrates present in this fruit are mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose. Finally, it also contains fatty acids such as palmitic and linoleic, although to a lesser extent than salts and vitamins. With all these nutritional properties, lemon is an excellent fruit to include in a healthy diet. Logically, its strongly acid taste complicates its consumption as a piece of whole fruit. However, there is the possibility of obtaining its multiple benefits by squeezing the lemon and drinking its juice mixed with water. Next, we show you one of the benefits of lemon when it comes to helping us lose weight.

Benefits of Lemon to Lose Weight

First, lemon is a natural diuretic. Therefore,

“It helps the body to eliminate toxins through organs such as the bladder and kidneys”.

Regular consumption of lemon increases the amount of urine and helps keep the kidneys clean, healthy and active. On the other hand, the lemon is rich in flavonoids, compounds that help reduce the content of fat in blood, preventing accumulation of fat plates in the arterial walls. In addition, the composition of lemon juice, similar to that of human saliva, favors the production of gastric juices in the stomach. This facilitates and speeds up digestion. The high content of citric acid in the lemon also contributes to maximize the function of the enzymes of our organism. Thus, it helps a better activity in the liver, and contributes a considerable amount of vitamin C. Therefore, lemon is a fruit that contributes beneficially to keep our immune system in good condition.

As we have said, lemon also has a high fiber content, specifically, pectin. This soluble fiber helps to achieve the feeling of satiety. This will allow us to have more control over our food intake. In this way, we will reduce the quantities of food to more adequate values ​​for our body, contributing directly to weight loss. Lemon also helps maintain a better mood, reducing levels of stress and anxiety. In addition, it helps a better general physical condition, by avoiding indigestion, acidity and gases, also decreasing the sensation of swelling and fluid retention.

How Reap the Benefits of Lemon for Weight Loss?

The lemon juice squeezed and mixed with water can be taken both cold and hot. However, taking it hot provides an extra benefit, and is that it helps improve bowel movement. Therefore, the warm lemon juice helps correct intestinal cleansing and combats constipation. When it comes to taking advantage of the benefits of lemon to lose weight, it will be important to turn your consumption into a habit. This will help even more people suffering from constipation, since regular consumption of lemon juice will increase the urge to go to the bathroom, due to its diuretic properties. It is recommended to drink a glass of lemon juice with water fasting and prolonged throughout the day. Specifically, taking this juice about 30 minutes before each meal will allow it to have a better effect, helping to prevent excess fat from being stored in our body. In addition, and for those who can withstand its acid taste, taking whole lime or sucking its pulp will contribute to better oral health. This is due to its properties against bacteria and its ability to prevent certain oral diseases.

Finally, always remember that there is no miraculous remedy. Lemon can help you lose weight, but only in the framework of a balanced diet, physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits.

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