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Fantastic 5 Tips to Gain Weight without Belly Fat Gain!


Gaining weight is as important as losing a few extra pounds. We share 5 recommendations to achieve your goal without gaining belly. Gaining weight is very easy, but doing it without gaining belly is more complicated. We assure you that winning pounds in a healthy way is even more difficult than eliminating them, and this is true for most people.

Gaining weight is a complex process in which the scale is not the best ally to measure our evolution, nor is the body mass index (BMI). To achieve satisfactory results it is necessary to perform an analysis of our body to determine what the ideal weight is, in real terms, Before taking any action, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist, as he will be the one who guides you throughout the process.

“Thus, the main objective will be to find a formula so that the weight gained is due to an increase in muscle mass and not fat gain”.

Below, we offer you 5 tips to gain weight without having to think about your belly.

BMI: the Spearhead

The first step you should take to gain weight properly is to calculate your body mass index. With this data, you can know your degree of thinness and know how many Weight you should increase. With the BMI it is basically determined if a person suffers from overweight, obesity or low weight. The relationship between the weight and the size of the individual is established by means of a succulum. To calculate it, divide your weight in Weight between the square of your size in meters: Kg / m 2. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies the BMI as follows:

  • Obesity: equal to or greater than 30.00.
  • Overweight: equal to or greater than 25.00.
  • Normal weight:50 – 24.99.
  • Low weight:50
  • Mild thinness: 17.00 – 18, 49.
  • Moderate thinness:00 – 16.99.
  • Extremely thin: less than 16.00.

5 Tips to Gain Weight Without Gaining Belly

Maite Zudaire, dietitian-nutritionist, teacher and nutritional advisor, explained in an article entitled ‘How to gain weight in a healthy way’ a series of tips that we must take into account. In her lines, the specialist Maite Zudaire states that increasing pounds by gaining muscle mass is more complicated than doing it at the expense of increasing body fat. And this is a factor that makes many people gain belly. Those who are considering gaining weight believe that the only way to achieve this is by eating uncontrollably, but this is false. In this process the food intake should not be exaggerated, but controlled.

The specialist states that the nutritional plan must be well prepared with healthy foods. These foods must be able to be combined in a correct way.

1. Each Meal Should Contain a Portion of Complex Carbohydrates

Both at breakfast, lunch and dinner there must be a source of complex carbohydrates, since these provide the elemental energy that our body needs. Zudaire points out that, if they are incorporated in their proper measure, they will allow the proteins to fulfill their functions, which are:

  • Repair muscles and tissues
  • Help growth

If this premise is not respected, proteins will be used by the organism as a source of energy. The nutritionist notes that you can incorporate whole grains and their derivatives with legumes. The rice, pasta or cuckoos is a good choice. Also, cereals – rice, oats, corn, wheat, millet, etc. -, nuts, cereal bars, wholemeal bread, and healthy snacks that combine these options.

2. More Quality Proteins

To gain weight the proteins are fundamental, because they are a source of amino acids, which are responsible for stimulating the growth hormone segregation. In children are really important for proper physical development and in adults to increase muscle mass and not the amount of fat. For this reason, it is necessary that if you want to gain weight you can contemplate in your diet a safe, suitable and proportionate contribution of proteins:

The egg whites are the reference in terms of protein of animal origin, since they are the most complete. Regarding proteins of vegetable origin, what matters is their proper combination: cereals and legumes or cereals and nuts. Zudaire emphasizes that the WHO recommends consuming more vegetable proteins than those of animal origin, such as those contained in meat.

3. Add Nuts and Seeds

Adding these foods can serve as an appetizer to satiate the appetite. Combine them with a toast of bread in the form of cream, or eat them as cereal bars. This offers the ideal combination of nuts and cereals, so it can be an excellent source of protein.

4. Carbohydrates Plus Proteins

This combination is necessary to do it in the main meals or previous to the exercise sessions. The reason is that both groups of macro nutrients help in the generation of muscle mass and will help you gain weight.

5. Vitamins are Important

The vitamins will help to mesh the whole process, because they provide nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own. For example, vitamin B1 optimizes the energy obtained from carbohydrates and B2 does the same with the energy provided by proteins. So to gain weight eats whole grains, legumes, lean meats and egg whites. All these options are rich in vitamins and their combination will provide your body with the proteins and carbohydrates necessary to not gain belly in this whole process.

Now, if you have any doubt, remember to consult a nutritionist. He will give you the best recommendations according to the characteristics of your body. It is very possible that you also need a special training plan; the specialist can help you with it as well.


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