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How Long Should You Follow a Diet To Lose Weight ?


Although some diets have a deadline for their implementation, the best way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy diet permanently. Those who fight against overweight and obesity are aware of the role that food plays in losing weight. For this reason, many have doubts about how long a diet should last to achieve good results. At present there are many plans that propose to lose a certain amount of Weight in a matter of days or maximum weeks. However, due to their characteristics, those who adopt them suffer unwanted reactions or go directly to failure. The drawback is that many relate the “diet” with programs that are made a few days to diminish measures miraculously. In this way, few take into account that, for good results, it is fundamental to give another meaning to this term.

Does a good diet have a performance limit? How long should a diet last? Not all have resolved these questions. Therefore, in the next space we want to share some relevant aspects that help to answer it. Do not miss it!

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight and How Long Should a Diet Last?

Currently, anyone can access hundreds of recommendations and meal plans to combat excess weight. However, what many ignore is that several of the diets that are recommended endanger health and do not give the expected effects. In addition, it is fundamental to understand that in order to combat overweight in an effective way, life habits must be modified 100%. It is not enough to follow a hypocaloric Eating program for a few days, before returning to the usual bad habits. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made when trying to lose weight. While it is true that many diets allow you to lose Weight in a short time, its restrictions cause decompensations that, later, completely damage the results achieved.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Balanced diets have been recommended for a long time as the best way to achieve a healthy and stable weight. In fact, this form of eating not only involves eating “a bit of everything”, but also takes into account factors such as the person’s age and health. Unlike extreme diets or “miracle”, these meal plans are complete and adapted to the needs of each person. In addition, they are not limited to a certain amount of time and propose to make good eating a permanent habit. In fact, after failing one and a thousand times with hypocaloric diets, many have understood that the most effective way to lose weight is with these Eating models. Although their results are not immediate, they are much safer and more convenient.

A good diet to lose weight is characterized by:

  • Respect the caloric needs of the organism.
  • Limit to the maximum the consumption of processed, sugars and salt.
  • Replace saturated fats with “healthy” or unsaturated
  • Include sources of complex carbohydrates and proteins of high biological value.
  • Finally, make between five and six dishes a day, in moderate portions.

In addition to the above,

“Any good diet to lose weight is accompanied by the practice of physical exercise and other healthy habits”.

In conclusion, it is not a plan of days, but a permanent habit that allows improving both weight and health. It is up to each person how long a diet should last.

How Long Should a Diet Last?

One of the big problems with the wrong concept of the diet is that it makes many think that it can only be done for a while. It is true that if it is a traditional diet, of those restrictive, it should only last a few days. But considering that the best way to lose weight is with a balanced and permanent diet, this thought must also change. How long should a diet last? Diets that have a “limit” to lose a certain amount of Weight are those that should be avoided.

Definitive Changes

The first thing that every person should consider when they are not satisfied with their weight is that the changes in the diet must be definitive, but not temporary. The weight that is lost with a diet of days or weeks recovers very easily. The worst of all is that in many cases the so-called “rebound effect” occurs, which leads to more weight than was initially had. In addition, it increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies and various health problems. For that reason, although it is attractive to achieve rapid changes, it is advisable to improve the diet permanently and gradually. This is the best way to achieve a healthy weight without taking risks.

Did you plan to follow a diet of days to lose weight? As you can see, a good diet does not have a limit. While you can change the menus or models constantly, you must ensure that the food is of good quality at all times. It only depends on you how long a diet should last.


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How Long Should You Follow a Diet To Lose Weight ?
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