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Does Beer Diet Really Works as Healthy Diet?



Did you know that including beer in your diet can bring many benefits for your body? Next, we will explain what they are. Like all alcoholic beverages, beer carries on its shoulders with a bad reputation that is largely unjustified. Actually, this drink can provide many benefits for the body, so it is worthwhile to apply a kind of beer diet.

Due to its alcohol content, a high consumption of beer is not recommended; however, a moderate consumption can be accepted without being harmful. However, the greatest recommendation is to apply the diet of beer in its presentation without alcohol. It may still sound strange to hear about a diet based on this famous drink. However, the scientific evidence shows that you can offer many contributions, which we will tell you in this article.

The Beer Belly is Just a Myth:

Practically everyone associates the consumption of beer with an increase in the abdominal perimeter, which is popularly known as “beer belly”. However, recent scientific studies have determined that beer has few calories and is not related to abdominal growth. This suggests that the so-called beer belly is produced, rather, as a result of a high fat intake, coupled with fluid retention.

The above implies that those who develop beer belly will have it regardless of whether they ingest beer or not. Although, in fact, those who already have this condition can be more affected in front of an excessive consumption of beer since it generates gases. Research has been done to try to find a relationship between obesity and beer.

“According to the results, there is no evidence that by consuming beer you are going to gain weight”.

The Diet of Beer:

When we mention the expression diet of beer we are not referring to food consumption based on beer. Rather, we indicate that you are allowed to consume beer when you are making a diet to lose weight. As we mentioned, moderate consumption of beer in diets to lose weight is recommended. All thanks to the following benefits:

Very Few Calories and Nutritional Benefits:

First, in the middle of a diet you can drink beer without fear of gaining weight. Each standard presentation beer (33 cl) contains only 148 calories. If you opt for the presentation without alcohol, you will only be consuming 68 calories per beer. The latter is the most recommended. Not only because it contains fewer calories, but to avoid the intake of alcohol that is, in fact, the origin of the bad reputation of beer. In turn, beer is rich in minerals, vitamins (especially B complex) and is diuretic.

Aspects that you Should Consider in the Beer Diet:

It is not a diet in itself

We recommend you include the consumption of beer in the weight loss diet that you are carrying out. In no case will beer replace any food. Simply have it present as a beverage that besides being hypocaloric, has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For example, if you fancy a drink, beer is much more beneficial to your body, and much lower in fat than a soft drink or pasteurized juice, which has high sugar content and gives you too many calories, even in your diet. Light presentations.

Its consumption should be moderate and should not be combined with hypercaloric products

What is considered moderate is a daily consumption of 2 or 3 beers, in the case of men. And for women, between 1 and 2. A higher intake than described may not be healthy. It seems obvious, but we must emphasize it: You will not achieve anything if you drink a beer because it has few calories, but you combine it with hypercaloric products, especially fatty foods. In such a case, the mix will almost certainly make you gain weight.

Use it as a moisturizer after exercise

Did you know that beer can be a great option to rehydrate and replenish mineral salts after exercise? Of course, always in moderation and, if possible, in its version without alcohol. The beer has maltodextrin , a type of carbohydrate that favors the recovery of liquids after physical activity.

Health benefits:

According to research, the micro nutrients contained in beer favor cardiovascular health since it acts as a healer in damaged heart situations. Similarly, it has polyphenols, silicon and flavonoids, which help bone health.



Finally, beer consumption is particularly beneficial for women’s health. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral properties and improves estrogenic activity.


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